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We offer professional repair, restoration and modification services for both vintage and current era quality audio equipment.

With over twenty-five years in audio development, we are well recognized for our design expertise in high end audio technology (tube and solid state) and especially with classic "vintage" circuit designs. This experience gives us a thorough understanding of the factors (such as component selection, signal-power grounding, signal path management and circuit operating points) that contribute to achieving the particular "sound signature" you want. We recognize that this audible signature can be more of a preference than an "absolute" and consequently that it demands understanding and consideration of your listening preferences, room characteristics and associated equipment. Therefore, before we begin any repair, restoration or modification we conduct a thorough interview with you to be sure we understand both your preferences and expectations. You may choose to target the original "sound" exactly and/or enhance certain aspects such as improved spectral balance, imaging or depth. We then recommend a selection of circuit topologies and balanced component choices to meet your goals..

Because we understand and appreciate the emotional attachment that is a part of the audiophile psyche, we take the same care with your amplifier as if it were our own. Our workmanship is professional, clean and electrically & mechanically sound (no parts hanging in mid air or "hot-glued" into place). Your amplifier is thoroughly cleaned - both inside and outside, faceplate, surfaces, and connectors. To be sure there are no reliability issues all replacement components are selected minimally to be at least 125% of absolute max operating conditions .

To guarantee that your equipment will deliver the performance you expect and deserve, all completed projects are subjected to comprehensive functional and performance tests to insure all stated specifications are met or exceeded. For this analysis, we use the most advanced state of the art audio instrumentation - the Audio Precision APx-525Copies of your amplifier's performance report will be available to you when your amplifier is returned to you.  Here are examples of test reports for Dynaco PAS Preamp and Stereo-70 Power Amp .  Finally all amplifiers are subjectively auditioned to be sure that audible performance is as expected.

In addition to the APx-525,  our lab is fitted with other state of the are electronic instrumentation including Venable Bode Analyzer, multiple Agilent 34401 6.5 digit DVM's and power supplies, Agilent MSO-X-3014A mixed signal digital oscilloscope, Tektronix TCP202 (ultra wide bandwidth) and HP 428 Current Probes - no other restoration facility is as well equipped - period.  

We Repair, Fully Restore, and Upgrade the products from the following select manufacturers (specialized brands shown in red) :

  • Acoustat
  • Adcom
  • Advent
  • Ampzilla
  • Audio Research
  • B&K
  • Beveridge
  • Carver
  • Cary Audio
  • Classe
  • Conrad-Johnson
  • Counterpoint
  • Dynaco (Tube & SS)
  • Electrocompaniet
  • Fisher (tube)
  • Grado
  • Harmon-Kardon (classic)
  • HH Scott
  • Jolia
  • KEF
  • Kenwood (classic)
  • Krell
  • Lamm
  • Luxman (tube & SS)
  • Marantz (classic)
  • Mark Levinson
  • McCormack
  • McIntosh (restorations)
  • NAD
  • Paoli
  • Paragon (tube)
  • Pass Labs
  • Quad
  • Quicksilver
  • Rotel
  • SAE
  • Shanling
  • Sonic Frontiers
  • Stax
  • Sumo
  • Sunfire
  • Theta
  • Threshold
  • Velodyne
  • VTL
  • Wadia

Feel free to e-mail with any questions - it is the most expedient way to reach me and I will usually get back to you within a few hours.

I encourage your to use e-mail or FAX for the quickest response. Once our dialog reaches the point that a discussion or interview is required, I will call you to discuss your situation in detail (so please always leave a contact number and preferred calling time).

e-Mail: cae-email Mailing & Shipping Address: 3910 NW Jasmine St, Camas, WA 98607

The first step is to discuss with you the nature of your problem and understand how it relates to the balance of your system and your desired outcome. On many occasions we may have you perform a few simple tests that will help us insure that we are focusing on the correct component and in some instances may even lead to the resolution of the problem without the need for service.

You will then ship your amplifier to our lab where we will perform an evaluation based upon our initial interview. There is a $100 charge for this evaluation that will be applied to the service should you elect to proceed (and is otherwise retained). This charge is necessary since the only way to establish the extent of the problem is to essentially perform an extensive diagnosis and partial repair - it is only at this point that we can determine if the remainder of the unit is functioning properly. Once we evaluate your equipment we will contact you with a list work estimates that will include the basic repair including replacement of "about to fail" parts (reliability issues) plus a list of suggested performance improvements.

Once you have selected and authorized the work, we will proceed. Regardless of the repair / restoration / modification work chose, each unit is subjected to the following checks and procedures:

Standard QC

  • Verify proper fuses installed

  • Clean pots & switches

  • Check power supply capacity (output power into rated load)

  • Confirm / Adjust bias settings

  • Operate into simulated load for extended "burn-in"

  • Outgoing Performance Analysis (Frequency response, SNR, Crosstalk, Distortion (THD & IMD) vs Freq & Power Out, FFT)

  • Audible Performance Listening Test

  • Optionally - Clean Chassis, Connectors, and Faceplate (If Possible)

We complete a 36 hour "burn in" test that is designed to identify any "infant mortality" failures. Most component failures occur during the first 36 hours of their life and therefore if it's going to fail for some reason, we'd much rather have that happen while it's still in our shop. We have a very low return rate, which we believe can be attributed to our "post op" procedures.

All internal interconnect will be silver plated copper wire with Teflon insulation. In addition to its outstanding tolerance of heat (compared to often used PVC insulation) it dramatically improves reliability. Most important, it has no sonic signature of it's own. The long term reliability and audible performance of your amplifier is our first priority!!

What goes wrong with vintage equipment? Most amplifiers (especially tube) suffer from problems that are related to heat and the components most affected are the electrolytic capacitors, corroded tube sockets, oxidized solder connections, delaminating phenolic printed circuit substrates, and worn switches and pots. Carbon based resistors may occasionally drift in value resulting in the circuit parameters to shift from the original optimum. "Re-capping", a common restoration practice for many vintage amplifiers, is an extensive effort but usually is needed for a successful restoration. Tube sockets lose their plating resulting in output tube failures that quickly outweigh the cost of socket replacement.

Another common problem is the fact that power company line voltages have increased slightly over the past 30 years moving from 110 to 120VAC. This 9% increase may not seem significant however since many power supplies were designed with only a 10% margin in the rating of their capacitors, this extra stress plus the warm environment is all that is needed to quickly age these capacitors. Our use of replacement capacitors with higher voltage and lower ESR ratings will significantly improve reliability.

We replace defective electrolytic capacitors (power supply and signal path) with high quality fresh units rated to withstand a 25% safety margin when operated at or above 120VAC. This insures the highest reliability of the repaired unit. This same margin of safety is also extended to the power rating of the resistors and semiconductors. All of our replacement tube sockets, switches, connectors, or printed circuit cards employ only mil spec materials.
Your actual price will be established based upon the work authorized that will include the cost of our materials plus our labor in hours. Our current labor rate is $85 / hour.

All of our work (repair, restoration, or upgrade) is warranted for a period of 6 months on materials and workmanship and 90 days on tubes (warranty transferred from original supplier). During our initial evaluation we will identify any weak components that are near failure and recommend replacement however since it is impossible to predict component failure with absolute certainly, original components are not warranted. All repairs, restorations or upgrades are tested to insure specification compliance. Equipment returns must be requested and shipped within 15 days of receipt of item. Depending on nature of return, customer may be responsible for shipping.

Repair cycle time varies however typical repair cycles are 10 to 25 working days. We inventory most components however some obsolete parts may be difficult to source or may need to be fabricated. Upgrades may be slightly longer. Given the extensive level of work required for a full restoration, cycle time may extend beyond typical timelines.

We know you want to protect your equipment. The best choice is to use the original boxes and fillers. If the original box(es) are unavailable, please pack your amplifier as follows:

  • Place your unit in a large plastic bag

  • We strongly encourage you to use this preferred packing method: Surround your equipment (assuming you do not have access to the original packaging) with high density foam such as ( Fastcap-Kaizen-Foam-57mm-Black ) on all six sides. The recommended thickness is 2" but never less than 1".  This foam should be cut to shape to fit snuggly into the open areas as well as to cushion around the perimeter of your unit. A shipping box should then be selected to provide a snug fit with the unit foam surrounded on all six sides. 

  • Alternate and not-preferred packing method:  Surround your unit with bubble wrap (1.5" bubbles)  until you have a cushioning layer 2" to 3" THICKNESS around all six sides of the unit. Place in a box selected to provide a reasonably snug fit and fill the remainder of the box with crushed newspaper (open to full page then crumble into filler).  If you feel additional protection is needed, consider placing the box inside a second box with another 2" of cushion material.

  • Not-Recommended packaging methods

    • Under no circumstances should you use Styrofoam Peanuts - they offer absolutely no protection for electronic equipment almost always resulting in equipment damage and subsequent insurance claims hassles. Any disposal costs incurred will be passed on.

    • If it is necessary to provide new packaging to safely return your amplifier, we will pass on the costs of the packing service.

It is safest to keep the tubes inserted into their original sockets. To insure that they do not fall out, place a SOFT layer of foam rubber between the top of the tubes and the adjacent surface. Otherwise, pack each tube separately in bubble wrap and secure in their own internal box.

Always ship with the covers in place if at all possible secured with all of the screws in place. Line cords should be wrapped and bound.

We strongly suggest that you insure your shipment ($1000 minimum suggested) - insurance is very inexpensive (UPS = .35cents/$100, or $3.50 for $1000 of insurance) Following our packing procedure is critical for assuring insurance validity. We therefore we reserve the right to charge you for re-boxing if you did not box it in accordance with our guidelines.


After shipping and receiving hundreds of electronic equipment packages we have developed carrier preferences - they are in order of preference: USPS, USPS Priority, UPS ground, and finally FED-X. You may pack your unit as described above or use a "Mailboxes" outlet to do this for you, but they charge quite a bit for their work and place surcharges on everything. NOTE: Please instruct the carrier to permit the product to be delivered without signature at delivery

Please Ship to the Following Address:

CAE / Joe Curcio

3910 NW Jasmine Street

Camas, WA 98607

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