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  • Our Exclusive TriFET Gain Blocks Provide 40db (100 X) Linearity Improvement Over Conventional Designs
  • Independent Hi Speed / Lo Zout Active Regulation for Every Stage of Both Channels
  • Conservative Operation Delivers High Reliability and Long Tube Life
  • Instrumentation Style STAR Grounding with Separate Signal and Power Grounds
  • Individual HV, Bias, and Filament Transformers & Power Supplies
  • Automatic Muting at Turn On or Power Out Eliminate Output Pulses
  • Low Output Impedance Allows Long Interconnects to Power Amplifier
  • Low Noise (-78db) / High Gain (46db) Phono Stage Accepts a Wide Range of Moving Coil Cartridges
  • Transformers Located in Separate Chassis Eliminates EMI
  • Highest Quality Audiophile Grade Components Utilized
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crossover pre regulator power supply

Nearly all loudspeakers incorporate several drivers each dedicated to a portion on of the frequency spectrum. Included inside the loudspeaker is a passive crossover: a collection of coils, capacitors, and resistors. The passive crossover accepts the full range signal from the power amplifier and separates the appropriate frequency signal for each driver. Passive crossovers are inexpensive but suffer from power losses, driver control, and increased IM distortion. Electronic Crossovers accomplish the same goal with more sophistication. They accept the low level signal from the preamplifier and split it into low and high frequency low level signals. These low level signals are sent to two separate power amplifiers. The power amplifiers, each handling only a part of the spectrum, send power signal to each driver directly. The benefits are significant: 1) Increased dynamic range (greater detail and information at both the louder and softer passages), 2) Higher sound levels, 3) Dramatically lower IM distortion, 4) Optimal driver damping, and 5) Maximum power efficiency.

Bi-amplification is most frequently used to supplement a loudspeaker having limited performance in one area with another having complimentary qualities. For example , it is very common to add a sub woofer to an full range electrostatic or mini monitor. Using the electrostatic as a mid - tweeter dramatically extends the system dynamics and low end capabilities. Major improvements in imaging and resolution are also attained due the freedom gained in placement and adjustment flexibility of each component. As a result, those audiophiles who have designed and built their own loudspeakers find bi-amplification to be the only means to easily optimize their designs and provide balance and integration to the individual drivers.

The increasing use of bi-amplification in high quality audiophile sound systems is causing a resurgence of interest in high quality electronic crossovers. Unfortunately, the availability of high resolution electronic crossovers has been at least limited and most frequently non-existent. This opinion has been reinforced during the frequent conversations with our customers who have requested that we develop an electronic crossover which will not degrade a reference system. We have responded with the Daniel II Electronic Crossover (XXX-D2XO).

The CAE Electronic Crossover (XXX-D2XO) is a high resolution two way electronic crossover. It utilizes the same circuitry found in our Daniel II Reference Preamplifier line stage to provide uncompromising performance yet to be realized in an electronic crossover. The D2-XO will allow up to 18db per octave classical filter realizations in either Bessel or Butterworth alignments. It can be configured to accommodate a number of discrete frequencies between 60Hz to 4 KHz. A complete Daniel II Electronic Crossover is comprised of four modules: 1) a Master Power Supply Module (D2-PWR), 2) a Regulator Module (D2-REG), and 3&4) two Amplifier Modules (D2-LN). You may refer to the Daniel II Reference Preamplifier section for a full description of these modules.


Blank PC Board Set, Line Amplifier : P/N PWB-D2XO = $350

Semi-Pac Standard, Line Amplifier : P/N SEMI-D2XO = $260

Semi-Pac Premium, Line Amplifier : P/N PSEMI-D2XO = $320

Kit - PC Board Set, Phono & Line: P/N KIT-D2XO = $1420

Assembled PC Board Set, Line Amp : P/N ASM-D2XO = $2150

Main Enclosure (Generic) - P/N ENC-D2XO = $200

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