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Over the many years we have been developing, designing, and building electronic equipment, we have spent countless hours (and dollars) placing orders for the parts we've needed to complete project at hand.

In the process we've experienced the full spectrum of supplier personalities from outstanding to horrible. We're constantly amazed at the large number of poor suppliers out there with infinite phone mail journeys, inept technical representatives, limited customer service, curt attitudes, shipping problems, long lead times, lost orders, wrong orders, invoicing errors, just to name a few. (In fact the frustration of these experiences is the driving force behind our decision to provide above all outstanding customer service.) On the other hand those suppliers who appreciate your patronage and take the initiative to demonstrate it have earned our respect and are therefore included on our recommended suppliers list.

Since suppliers both improve and degrade this list is dynamic changing with our own experience and the feedback we get from our customers. We strongly welcome your suggestions and comments.

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